About Milk Makeup Products

We’re busy and we need makeup that doesn’t require a lot of brain

Milk Makeup is one of those indie brands that rose to fame quickly thanks to social media and a brilliant product standpoint; I think it’s one of the most notable, contemporary beauty brands of the last 5 years.

Milk Makeup’s product philosophy is simple: we’re busy and we need makeup that doesn’t require a lot of brain power to use, but will still make us look pretty and most of all, can be applied by your fingers.

How effin’ brilliant is that; Milk Makeup has pinpointed one timeless, common beauty goal among women: it’s that whatever beauty trend or complex product brands shove down our throats, at the end of the day, we just want to look presentable and we want to achieve that look fast.

This is why Milk Makeup has always been in my radar ever since it came out: brilliant product standpoint, fantastic ad materials (it helped a lot that the founders were photography studio owners first, just like Smashbox!), and cool products; it’s one of the first brands I searched for when I set foot in the USA.

I wanted to get the famous Blur Primer, but Youtube beauty gurus have been raving about the Hydro Grip Primer more so I got it.After about a month of on and off usage, I’ve come to the conclusion that Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer proves that long- lasting makeup doesn’t have to be matte and OMG-YOU GUYS HAVE TO TRY GRIPPING.

Hydro Grip Primer is not really the first sticky makeup primer that came out in the market (I can name one right now and it’s Rimmel Long- Lasting Finish 8-Hr.

Primer, which happens to be one of my favorites); it’s just that Milk Makeup is arguably the first brand to turn the technique into a product category: GRIPPING PRIMER.

Milk Makeup has just created a game- changing product: something that proves that you don’t need lots of mattifiers for long- lasting makeup, long- lasting makeup can actually look healthy and dewy, CBD may be a great product for acne- prone skin, and gripping primers should be part of your next wish list.